The Privilege of Higher Education

Seeing the importance of being afforded the opportunity to even be in a position to receive higher education is a blessing, in my opinion. Knowing this, and also knowing that so many other minority students do not get this opportunity, it becomes even more valuable when students of minority descent make it to these positions of power and give back to the community. I try to do my best and convey the importance of valuing education, but more so valuing passion with students I tutor. I work with middle schoolers and I feel middle school is a crucial point in time where you are either broken or built up. Being able to give positivity to the students that I work with gives me so much joy and sense of pride knowing that I’m helping them grow good habits, grow strong positive mindsets, and grow altogether.

Being at Davidson College is a wonderful opportunity and it has happened through some means of privilege. What immediately comes to mind is affirmative action- i.e. scholarships to college, scholarships to higher level high school institutions, high school programs with fancy connections who are dedicated to placing minorities in the elite colleges, minority quotas that colleges seek to fulfill, and so on. But what is not usually thought about is the fact that there still exists some faction of students across the world who do not have even the most basic of opportunities to even consider college, think about college, let alone attend college. They do not have the parents, guidance counselors, friends, family to provide them with the knowledge necessary, the tools necessary, the mental empowerment necessary to promote higher level education. We were all provided with something, some opportunity, in whatever shape or form, that helped to enable us to do well in high school, to value education, to even apply to Davidson College.

A form of support that has helped me gain access to higher education besides my parents teaching and my drive to do great education wise was the help from Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA). This is a seven-week intensive program that helps children focus on their writing, critical thinking skills, and ACT/SAT testing methods. They also stay with them throughout their undergraduate career in college for support in any area whether it be financial aid, academics, or personal problems. I appreciate their services because they helped me to gain access to prestigious colleges across the nation as well as scholarships that helped me to attend this higher education. I wish more people knew about opportunities like this because this would give them a better chance and a better understanding of how to get into top schools around the nation. pathway.gif pathway1.gif