LGBT Community and Greek Life

I know what you are thinking: “LGBT Community and Greek Life”… cue the apocalypse. But this article I found really caught my attention as I am part of an eating house at Davidson College. There has been a movement within PCC at Davidson to push for gender equality and respectable acknowledgement. For example, Warner Hall has recently changed its house chant from “all the boys will tell you so” to “everyone will tell you so.” First this new revision speaks to all members of the eating house who may not identify as a straight female. Also as a house, the original chant seemed to convey that members needed the approval of fraternity men; this was not okay. As a college woman, I see the importance of standing for equality, acceptance, and individuality even within the eating house culture. So when reading about fraternities–culturally stereotyped as a “boys club” and based on traditional heteronormative notions”–I found this piece to be inspiring.

This first step to societal change within the college culture reminds me of discussing Risman at the beginning of the semester. Gender is a social construct that is created on three levels: the individual, social interaction, and the institution. By individuals coming together and saying anyone who identifies as a man can join their fraternity, is changing the daily interactions of members of both the LGBT community and Greek life. This step is going to hopefully start a movement on all college campuses to create a “comfortable place” for trans men to join Greek life.

“We didn’t think it should be special. It was just a common sense approach.”