Zara: Genderless Clothing Line

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The clothing company Zara is starting a movement to blur the lines of gender in the fashion industry.  Zara has created an engendered clothing line.  “The fast-fashion retailer released a set of unisex pieces that include jeans, shorts, sweatshirts, tanks, and sweaters. The new styles are modeled on its website by both men and women, proving how versatile the basics can be when the aren’t labeled by gender.” When hearing about this push towards showing the world that gender should be seen as a spectrum rather than a binary option, it reminded me of Butler when she wrote, “there is no “proper” gender, a gender proper to one sex rather than another, which is in some sense that sex’s cultural property” and “I am permanently troubled by identity categories, consider them to be invariable stumbling blocks”.  This new wave in society to move away from a binary gender system is becoming more popular, so much so that high-end fashion designers are supporting and marketing for it.