Younger: Inside Women

For anyone who watches Younger, the T.V. show, their recent episode talks about a male author who is trying to find his inner feminism and trying to find ways in feeling like and being like a female. In the beginning of the episode, the editor said that when his book on feminism publishes, he would be the new Betty Friedan. In this video, the male authors states that men cannot help feminism from the outside no matter how hard he tries to do certain things that only females can do.

Similar to Friedan’s writing, he does not consider other factors that can come into play. Friedan’s work only portray white middle class females and does not consider racial factors as well as other identity factors. The white male author in this video is similar in the manner that he does not consider other identity factors as well. I do like how the male author mentions the situation with urinals and that men are literally standing above in order to assert their power, which was discussed in previous class discussion when mentioning reverse racisms and how that does not exist. Additionally, he explains how menstruation is considered to be disgusting in our society similar to how Cixous explain in her text that sexual activities and other natural activities have to be kept in secret and that females have to repress their natural biological needs.