Will we ever escape compulsory heterosexuality?


No matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to ditch Rich. Since reading about Adrienne Rich’s theory of compulsory heterosexuality I see evidence of Rich’s theory (and its theoretical successor, heteronormativity) everywhere. Last night, when I was mindlessly scrolling through the –rather angsty- late night Yaks (as one does) I came across a Yak where someone was asking for advice on how to handle their unrequited love of a Davidson girl. The first commenter, assuming the original poster was a guy because they were pining for a girl, recommended that OP “whip out the dong” to which OP responded “Sorry, don’t have one of those.” The OP was a girl. The fact that the first commenter immediately assumed OP was heterosexual and, thus, must be a guy demonstrates how pervasive heteronormativity is in today’s society and, further, reminds us all to be mindful of that when posting on social media.