what separates men’s and women’s sports?


I posted on the fb group a few weeks ago about the US women’s national filing an official complaint about wage discrimination, which aligned with our topic of the workplace and the wage gap. A few days ago I saw one of my friends posted this article on his fb. The articles asks the question: What separates men’s and women’s sports? According to this article, the men’s team made more money in sponsor revenue during the 2014 World Cup than the women did during the 2015 World Cup. From this point the article moves to talk about the fact that more people care about men’s sports than women’s, saying we have been socialized to accept men’s sports as dominant. The article’s main argument is that in order for the women to be paid more, they need to make more revenue which means that the people who are upset by the wage disparity should by jerseys and tickets to matches. I fully agree that the women deserve to be paid the same as the men but when most of the money comes from sponsor revenues, the 25 million people who watched, cheered, and celebrated during the Women’s World Cup need to support the team outside the World Cup so that can happen. In order for women’s sports to be as prosperous as men’s, we need to start treating them like they are just as physically demanding, exciting, and intense because they are and anyone who watched the world cup last summer would agree.