The Benefits of Marriage for Men

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In a recent article written in, it discusses the Top 10 Reason’s for a man to get married.  Interestingly enough reason #5 was Financial Benefits.  The fact that financial benefits was prioritized as high as #5 on the list further proves how “marriage has become the central legitimating institution by which the state regulates and permeates people’s most intimate lives”, like Warner said in his writing of “Trouble with Normal: Sex, Politics, and the Ethics of Queer Life.”  Other scholars like Polikoff argue for marriage to only hold importance in a social, religious, or cultural settings rather than an economical state as well.  As Polikoff wrote, “It is possible to envision family law and policy without marriage being the rigid diving line between who is in and who is out.  Keeping the state out of marriage entirely making marriage only a relies, cultural, spiritual matter, would be one way to accomplish this.”  As they argue, if marriage did not come with health and financial benefits then it would discriminate less against those who do not wish to get married or those who believe in different types of relationships.  Even understands that marriage is not solely based on love or mutual romantic feelings, but that there is actually more at stake, like financial benefits.  This increase in other benefits causes those who do not believe in marriage to be at a significant disadvantage in life.  Although it would be difficult to allocate advantages in a manner that did not include marriage, I completely agree that it would lead to a less discriminatory society.