Sport Athletes Treated Differently Based on Gender

Continuing the post I wrote awhile ago about U.S. women’s soccer team not receiving the same amount of payment as the U.S. men’s national soccer team, I found this video a couple of days ago and found it relevant. In this video, male sport stars are asked a series of questions referring to their bodies, relationships, etc. that are framed in a way that would be so called “acceptable” to ask female athletes. What I found interesting in this video is the reactions of the men; their faces are utterly confused and disgusted by the questions and seem to reflect the sentiment “Why on earth would you ask such a pointless, objectifying question?” But at the end of the video, instead of expressing similar facial and vocal responses as the men, the women athlete interviewed simply laughs and “acts like a lady,” which was disheartening to watch.

One thought on “Sport Athletes Treated Differently Based on Gender

  1. I find this video very eye opening as well as disheartening. I agree that the men’s reactions to the questions only work to illustrate how pointless the questions really are. I like to think we have come a long way in terms of breaking the gender binary, however videos like this show we still have progress to make. Although it is now deemed acceptable for women to participate in activities that were once masculine, such as sports, it is clear that the media still tries to highlight any signs of femininity in these activities. When Riki Wilchins discusses women’s rights in “Queer Theory, Gender Theory”, she discusses how much of mainstream feminism notes “women [can] do anything men [can] do and still retain their femininity” (8). Thus, much of the media is still focused on creating a strict divide between men and women.

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