Selena Gomez Refusing to Feel Shameful


Selena Gomez “Revival”

For today’s class we read the Boston Women’s Health-Book Collective, Our Bodies, Ourselves, which “inspired feminist analyses of the body, health, and sexuality”. This piece demonstrated the theme that women should not be shameful of their bodies or their bodies’ functions in anyway; and, unfortunately this takes effort because women have been raised TO be embarrassed by their bodies.  In this article Selena Gomez speaks out about how she no longer will listen to others shaming her body.  She refuses to be hurt by other’s nasty comments about how her body should look as a “woman” or how she should use her body.  Her stand reminded me of the quote in Our Bodies, Ourselves, when it said, “learning to understand, accept, and be responsible for our physical selves, we are freed of some of these preoccupations and can start to use our untapped energies”, which Selena used her “untapped energy” to create her most recent album, “Revival”.



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  1. I love the new album. It’s interesting that she also admitted that the cover was also Photoshopped… Great post.

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