Homosexuality is Not a Switch

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In Borderlands, Anzaldua makes a surprsing statement on page 4 saying, “Being lesbian and raised Catholic, indoctrinated straight, I made the choice to be queer (for some it is genetically inherent).”  The class discussed this statement as possibly meaning that Anzaldua “chose” to accept her queerness rather than “choosing” to be gay.  Gayness as a choice is a discussion that used to be highly debated but is less debated in contemporary times, with society accepting that people can be born “not straight”.  This led to a more detailed discussion outlining the problem with the binary system of either being born gay or born straight because this does not allow room for gender fluidity.  In light of our class discussion, which will be resumed during a later class; I found this photograph on social media, which illustrates the idea of “choosing to be gay” as if it were simply a switch in the body.