Girls Can Enjoy Sex?

In an article written recently for Her Campus, it gives advice to girls for how to get what they need and what they want from sex.  Her Campus’s advice it to: first talk about sex with your partner, then figure out what you like and what you don’t like, and how it is normal and okay to have different preferences than your partner.  I found this article intriguing because the idea of women enjoying sex and wanting sex as much as males is still somewhat new for society.  I say this because when I saw the article I even blushed a little because society has taught girls that they shouldn’t discuss or talk about sex because it is “unlady like”.  The idea of sex having the capacity to be pleasurable for women reminded me of Katz and how he discussed the human body serving as “a means towards procreation and production” because the “penis and vagina were instruments of reproduction, not pleasure”.  This transition from sex being a biological necessity to it serving as an act of gratification served as a turning point for sexual relations.  Today the exploration of sexual acts for pleasure can serve as an integral part for some relationships.