When I read about what happened to Kesha yesterday I thought of a quote from Cixous. Even though Cixous was writing in the 1970s I think this quote still holds some relevance in today’s society. She writes, “When I say woman, I’m speaking of woman in her inevitable struggle against conventional man.” Kesha claimed she was sexaully abused by her music producer Dr. Luke and yesterday the judge ruled that she could not leave her contract with Sony. Kesha cannot make music with any other company and she cannot leave Sony. The injustice of the situation is not even that surprising considering how unjustly sexual assault is often treated in courtrooms. With the decision regarding Kesha’s contract with Sony not going in her favor, many fans and celebrities have taken to twitter to spread messages of love and support for the singer. However as this article points out, many proclaimed feminist singers/celebrities have not spoken out for Kesha. The article chalks this up to how feminism is now something that celebrities claim they are when convenient for their careers. A tweet that’s currently gaining traction says, “Silence about #FreeKesha makes it even more clear certain pop stars only call themselves “feminists bc it’s good for their brand.” A big example of this is Taylor Swift (she has only recently said that she is a feminist). For a female artist to proclaims she is a feminist is good for her image now that fans invest so much time into carving idealized role models out of anyone on a top ten chart. Maybe 21st century fans are putting too much pressure on celebrities (especially female celebrities) to be the voice of feminism BUT still just calling yourself a feminist is not the same as “practicing feminism.” The injustice happening to Kesha deserves attention because ultimately her case is another example of the “inevitable struggle” against our patriarchal society.http://mic.com/articles/135773/one-tweet-about-kesha-reveals-a-double-standard-in-the-music-industry#.2I3O6c84x