Despite A Century Of Women’s Rights, Hillary Clinton Still Faces Outrageous Sexism

The Huffington Post creates a timeline in this article of the progress women have made in society throughout the past hundred years.  The first notable event described begins 100 years ago when Margaret Sanger “opened the nation’s first birth control clinic in Brooklyn” in 1916 and the most recent event described is the Treasury Department announcing “Harriet Tubman’s portrait will be featured on the new $20 bill”.  The Huffington post ultimately notes how even though women’s rights have progressed, Hillary Clinton “still faces outrageous sexism by the media” and sexist criticism won’t halt even if she’s inaugurated. The Huffington Post ultimately describes women’s progress as linear, but I don’t believe the narrative is necessarily as progressive as they make it seem. I am reminded of Faludi’s “Blame It on Feminism” because it continually states how women receive much backlash despite gaining rights.  Dr. Jean Baker Miller stated how “a backlash may be an indication that women really have had an effect”—so hopefully we are getting closer, but progress still needs to be made.