Can Supplement Overuse Classify as an Eating Disorder?

I found a very interesting article written for Fox New’s Men’s Health, which elaborates on a male’s desire for large muscles and a masculine physique.  Several men will take supplements in order to help gain the “perfect masculine” body because of the way society has caused them to believe that they should look.  Some men who do not achieve the fit/toned body feel ashamed of their body, which is when men can become obsessed with supplements and muscle gaining. This article argues that this excessive desire to achieve this masculine body image should be considered an eating disorder. This article reminded me of what HAES stands for in Burgard’s What is “Health at Every Size”.  HAES stands for “1) Enhancing health 2) Size and self-acceptance 3) The pleasure of eating well 4) The joy of movement and 5) An end to weight bias.  In particular, the Fox News article reminded me of HAES’s second bullet point, which was elaborated on by Burgard saying, it means “respecting and appreciating the wonderful diversity of body shapes, sizes, and features (including one’s own!), rather than pursuing an idealized weight, shape, or physical feature.”  The men suffering from the eating disorder of obsessing over supplements and dietary restrictions in order to achieve a body type would benefit from the goals of HAES.