Body Painting Depicts Societal Pressure to be Skinny

In this video Jody Steel uses her talent with body painting to convey an important message to society about body image.  In this video Steel creates the illusion of her stomach being tied into a knot by and incredibly tight and restricting rope.  This rope binds her stomach, not allowing it to expand.  This video is meant to depict that way society “binds” the stomachs’ of women, causing them to believe that they must be thin/skinny in order to be accepted.  Although society causes women to believe this, this video shows just how aggressive and horrifying it is to put this sort of a restraint on women.  This video reminded me of the Jean Kilbourne TedTalk and her research on how society and the media has affected the way we perceive beauty and the way we treat our own bodies.  This societal pressure to be skinny in order to be beautiful is harmful and needs to be addressed.