Art through Words and Art through Pictures

Today in class we analyzed Anzaldua’s Borderlands/La Frontera and Walker’s In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens.  Both of these pieces did a wonderful job of discussing their own experiences with intersectionality.  These authors were different than others because they wrote in a non/semi academic style, expressing a lot of literary creativity and imagery.  My favorite example of vivid/artistic language from these two pieces was in In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens, when Walker is describing her mother’s love using her mother’s knack of gardening to say, “the woman who literally covered the holes in our walls with sunflower”.  I thought that this was absolutely beautiful; the idea that her mother used everything she had and loved to help the family.  I think it is important for language to create mental images in the reader’s mind.  After procrastinating and wasting time on Buzz Feed I came across an interesting article about beautiful Instagrams that portray queer love.  This Buzz Feed article reminded me of the “artistic” values found in the readings because the Instagram pictures are incredibly artistic and thought-provoking about how different love can look.